What is this

Inspired by the 18th century salon – informal coffeehouse gatherings of intellectuals – the field is a series of facilitated dinners exploring what it means to be human.   

Why this exists

As the saying goes, “What’s most personal is most universal.” 

The field is a space to discuss, exchange and advance, ideas and stories for the purpose of expanding and elevating our collective human consciousness. 


Facilitate meaningful interactions to inspire imaginatively thinking and encourage conversations for depth.


Every dinner is designed around the exploration of a theme. The set and setting is structured with activities that are moderated and facilitated.

Each event will be be either 9, 12, or 15 people. 

Diverse, multi-disciplinary thinkers, makers, and doers. Entreprenuers to artists, designers to writers, scientists to atheletes. 

When and where

1x monthly in Berlin. 


Accepted participants will receive detailed instructions.  

Explain like I’m five

Think of it as a game. There’s a playing field with clear rules, structure, and a goal. Players embark on a mission to reach that goal as a team. 

Does it cost? 

Nominal contribution to help the host(s) cover basic costs. 

Want to join? 

Participants are curated on a strictly invite-only and referral basis.

If you’re interested in joining,  please apply here

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@Tré Wee 

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